Telegram Frank

Telegram Frank is the solo acoustic project of Frank Vollmann of Frank the Baptist

“Frank Vollmann (A presidential hopeful) is sometimes a man of bad decisions who will sew your gown of disappointment. You’ll both laugh about it someday when it’s too late. That’s one of the things motivating him to do what he can for the people. He has been called “Telegram Frank”, “Frank the Baptist” (no, he isn’t), “FTB”, etc.. He is the singer/songwriter/founder of a long-running, festival-headlining, Strobelight Records Recording Artist, pirate crew menace of a band called “Frank the Baptist” and a band called “Candlestick Maker” from long ago as well as currently being involved in “The Dirty Weather Project” with Lucas Lanthier of “Cinema Strange“, “The Deadfly Ensemble“, “Shanghai Trio” etc.etc.. This is his solo (sort of acoustic) project that continues him on his warpath to win a few hearts with a melody, now based in Berlin, Germany.” — Playboy Magazine

Band Interests
A bad day of playing music beats the living hell out of a good day of anything else.

Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennet, Sammy Davis Junior, Roy Orbison, The King, the crooning moon over Berlin, etc.

For fotos and tunes go to The Official Telegram Frank Facebook Page

Sandy Demmler posted a clip of Telegram Frank in Frankfurt on The DIrty Weather Project Tour 2 on her Facebook page.