The 4th FTB Album “As The Camp Burns”

The 4th Frank The Baptist Album has been recorded and mixed but mastering and other things need to take place before being released. A very limited amount of people close to our camp have been a part of secret listening sessions and this is what some had to say:

“Silence is a virtue? Well, definitely not in the case of FRANK THE BAPTIST since the all around quietness surrounding the Brotherhood Whose Rears Lead The Women To Cheers within the past seven (!) years was definitely way too long. Now FTB are back in the swing of things, not only with a great new full-length record in tow, but also with a new found energy and drive that helped them cross the bridges between dark-ish Alternative Rock and Post Punk as well as (New) Wave elements in style and seemingly with ease. If you liked ‘The New Colossus’, you’re going to be in awe with ‘As The Camp Burns’.” –Thomas Thyssen, Manager of Press Promotion at Universal Music and DJ (Pagan Love songs/ Ceremonies) Berlin

“Finally Frank The Baptist is back! With my favorite release to date. It is A self assured piece of bombastic wit possessing both strength and intimacy.“- DJ Sean Templar, Editor at MTV/Viacom, NYC

“Frank Vollmann, our singing Seanchaí returns with a fantastic new Frank The Baptist record that captures the wonder, awe, and embellishments that only his seasoned craft of storytelling and song writing can provide. A perfect follow-up to the New Colossus, that will inevitably cause you to raise your glass and join in the chorus. Don’t miss this one!”- Alex Baker, Post Punk Magazine, Berlin/NYC

“”Pressure builds, the veil has broken”… From what I can tell after being able to listen to it once it’s going to be another superb record! “A pregnant spider with a taste for velvet”… And if I may say so, as the Baptist gets older his music grows even more intense! “Meet me down at the harbor”… Can’t wait!”- DJ Ralf Thyssen, (Pagan Love Songs) Berlin

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