Ralf Hünefeld

Guitars: Ralf Hünefeld first met Frank while playing in a band called The Chain during a show with Frank the Baptist durind FTB’s (At the time still based in San Diego,CA) European tour back in 2004 and have been in touch ever since.

Ralf was then the composer and guitarist of Plush Insane until it dissolved in 2010.

So the captain asked him to join FTB for a live gig… and he has been with the band ever since.

(He has also played live bass for Hatesex and guitars for Passion Play.)

If you have ever wondered why there isn’t much sunlight in Berlin it’s because Ralf decided to step outdoors and block out the sun. It is believed that he is currently the only person in Berlin taller than the bass player of FTB, Justin.

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