Different Degrees of Empty

The cosmos are at war
And they’re in perfect harmony
Maybe you can tell Lao-Tzu
That neutral angels have appeared
I put sugar in the tank
Of the machine that you’ve been feeding
I can hear my sister screaming
I can see my brother bleeding
Mother I am sorry
I can tell you are not pleased
I can see it on your face
And I can hear it in the breeze

Different degrees of empty

The end, I feel, is coming
Like a welcome playful dare
Do I want another ride?
Is it wrong that I’m not scared?
I can crush my fear of pain
And I can crush my fear of caring
It’s consumed me with its eyes
And now I’m stuck here silent, staring
There’s a smile on the horizon
And it’s coming straight for me
And it stretches out its arms
Because it knows that’s all I need

Dormant stage is done
Cocoon is open