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Justin Stephens

Bass: Justin Stephens is the singer/guitarist of Passion Play – since the band have been in hiatus for the past few years, Justin lost the ability to count to 6 or to speak without drooling, thus making him perfectly qualified as a bass player. He was drafted into FTB in 2008 for his ability to tell no tales, look great in eyeliner and complicate the rider requirements no end by being a frickin’ vegan. And play bass a bit.

Thomas “Phantomas” Fietz

Drums: Thomas (Phantomas) Fietz was born in Berlin and started to play the drums at the age of 16.  He was first influenced by the music of Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.

Later his musical interests spread wide from jazz to rock and country… he made his first musical exp. playing surf and 60´s music. When not touring the world with FTB he is recovering from that…

Fez Wrecker

Guitars: Louisiana-born Fez Wrecker has kept it weird in bands since 1983, combining his sundry influences of beat, goth, garage, artrock, lovepunk, & psychedelic  in performance and production — including occasional stints with The Music Machine and The Fuzztones.  He is Grand Poobah of the Speakeasy Berlin, he moonlights as a burlesque conférencier & pianist with La Fete Fatale, plays the occasional bit role in strange films, and is quite an accomplished poker player.