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Frank Vollmann in the X-mas edition of “The Mick”

Frank Vollmann was interviewed, along with other musicians and interesting types, in (Thee Legendary) Mick Mercer’s free downloadable publication called “The Mick” X-mas 2010 edition. We answer questions about our horrors and wonders of Christmas pasts and future, our worst gifts, etc.. Frank wrote his answers with only a couple hours of sleep, jetlagged, and in complete delirium so there are over-shares a’plenty. So click here and check it out: .

Jolly Ole St. Frank

A Telegram from Frank: Column in Gothic Magazine

There will be a regular column in Gothic Magazine written by one Frank Vollmann (Telegram Frank/Frank the Baptist/Dirty Weather Project) starting with this Autumn issue (# 69) which hit the streets yesterday.
There is a very welcoming introduction in the editorial section done by one Mr. Thomas Thyssen (Thanks Tommy T!).
Do yourself a favor and get your ass out there to pick up a copy (steal it if you have to) to supplement yourself with words of wisdom (yeah right) or enlighten your life with nonsensical banter (If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance baffle ’em with bullshit).

Orkus Magazine Interview

Eyelid-size snowflakes continue to fall and cover the sleepy town that is Pine Beach and I will probably be snowed in today (maybe a meter of snow) but you can’t stop the press. If there is enough interest I will put the original English versions of the interviews online.
Click on the image to enlarge.