The vocal recordings for the pre-production demo went quickly and well so far. It definitely added to the excitement of a new album. Will others like the new songs as much as I do? Can you possibly fathom the size of the shit I do not give? 🙂
By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.
Cheers and love,


Website artwork submissions

Howdy Folks,
So the framework of the new websites is already under construction and we want to give you the opportunity to submit artwork (banners, backgrounds, etc.) for the Frank the Baptist and Telegram Frank sites which could possibly be rotated between different submissions every couple of months in the future depending on the volume we receive from fans and friends. The framework of the sites enables change that allows involvement from all of you.

The doors are open and anything goes, all styles are welcome so feel free to send along things you feel capture the atmosphere and vibe of FTB or TF.
Send a private message on Facebook or to:


The Armada

Demo recordings and rehearsals for a new album

So the Armada is back in action working toward invading and infringing upon your reality with new sonic/aural nourishment for the soul.
The crew has been in the the studio rehearsing the songs for the next FTB album and demo/pre-production recording of the new songs is already under way.
Last night Mr. Fez Wrecker laid down the guitar lines to the songs he will appear on in the next album. On fire, Mr. Wrecker, excellent job!

Frank Vollmann in the X-mas edition of “The Mick”

Frank Vollmann was interviewed, along with other musicians and interesting types, in (Thee Legendary) Mick Mercer’s free downloadable publication called “The Mick” X-mas 2010 edition. We answer questions about our horrors and wonders of Christmas pasts and future, our worst gifts, etc.. Frank wrote his answers with only a couple hours of sleep, jetlagged, and in complete delirium so there are over-shares a’plenty. So click here and check it out: .

Jolly Ole St. Frank